Murrays Menu

Cape Town, the super hero of South African cuisine, is explored in a fun, casual manner in a way that folks from all walks of life can relate too.

Potluck to Potbelly

Potluck to Potbelly is about my incredible experience at The Pot Luck Club - my word. The Dream.

Alexander Bar

Alexander Bar, some cocktails, some dial telephones, great food and a theater - what more do you want?

Tuk Tuk Microbrewery

The newbie on the scene in Franschhoek. This microbrewery is without a doubt something special that has arrived in the little town.

Tapas 24

The only restaurant you need to know when you travel to Barcelona!

The Honey Badger

The Honey Badger. An animal small in size but fierce in personality - which the perfect name for this restaurant.

IYO Burgers

IYO Burgers is the new "it place" for burgers and burger lovers.

Latitude 33

Latitude 33 is the surfer inspired restaurant that caters for professionals, students, stay at homes and people who enjoy a good meal.

Tigers Milk

Tigers Milk. Muizenberg beach front restaurant with a great ambiance and better food.

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